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Boatman Song — Richard Cassard



What can we say except that our publication, the Boatman’s Quarterly Review, just may be one of the best river publications in existence (of course we’d like to think it IS the best).  Our newsletter has “grown up” over the years since Grand Canyon River Guides’ inception in 1988.  The newsletter didn’t even have a name back then – just a few mimeographed pages (yes indeed, back in the stone age before copy machines and computers).  In 1991 we at least gave it a name, albeit a rather unimaginative one, calling it The News – a bit more substantial, but a far cry from what it is today.  It wasn’t until 1994 that we changed the name yet again to the Boatman’s Quarterly Review, coinciding interestingly enough with the expansion of Grand Canyon River Guides’ mission statement to include the following line which, frankly, says it all:


“Celebrating the unique spirit of the river community”


And that, in fact is exactly what the BQR does exceedingly well.  With an oral history interview as the centerpiece of each issue, stories, poetry, art, photography, interpretive science, current river issues, guide profiles, and opinion pieces – this publication taps into that spirit in a profound way.  Yes, we’ve matured since our eminently humble beginnings, but the BQR remains just as vibrant and just as relevant as ever.


Whether you need a little escape from reality (who doesn’t), or whether you want to chase your winter blues away, the BQR will take you back to the river even if you can’t be there in person.  Check out some of the back issues on the right sidebar that we’ve converted to .pdf files – fun stuff! We are hoping to resurrect other issues as time goes on, so keep checking back.  And if you’re not getting the BQR, then by all means get on the boat and join us!


As Barry Goldwater, former GCRG member and dedicated river rat wrote in a letter to GCRG back in 1996, “I receive your publication every time you publish it, and read every page before doing any of my other work…”  Thanks Barry, we do too.


Note: Earl Spamer's online bibliography is a great research tool and it includes all BQR articles. In addition to Google, this is a great way to seach BQR's if you're not sure what issue a particular article appeared in. You can find it at :