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boatman's quarterly review
the journal of Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.
volume 11   number 1 winter 1997-98

The Factor

I go “What do we do if they wave us in?”
“Wave back,” says Rudi.
We fantasized that it might be okay, actually… not getting the phone call and everything. But we kinda knew the truth, too. [laughter] We knew we had God on our side, though … John Thomas [the ranger on duty] was pretty cool. He didn't even wave. Before we even got close he just turned and walked off the motor rig, started heading up the hillside to watch us run. Cause he knew we weren't pulling in. And after he turned around he never looked over again. He was just looking down at his clipboard and walking, talking on his radio, reporting that we were coming by, I think.

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