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the journal of Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.
volume 6   number 1                     winter 1992-93

GCRG Member (expired) Makes Good

   With the changing of the political guard an environmental consciousness has finally arrived. The appointment of Bruce Babbitt as Secretary of Interior is a keystone to supporting the view that environmental well being is essential to national prosperity.

   Bruce Babbitt has always shown a love and concern for the great outdoors, especially the Grand Canyon. He has the perspective that proper management of natural resources is done by looking at the long term. If the methods of using one resource cause a detriment to other resources, Bruce is one who will look for changes in those methods.

   Babbitt’s credentials include Governor of Arizona, Harvard Law School, wilderness defense counsel and author. He is from a business and ranching family, and promotes the balance between use and enhancement of natural resources. As the new Secretary, he has called for refurbishing the National Park Service and a reevaluation of Western water projects. This is a promising start. We may not always agree with the decisions he’ll have to make, but we do know that they will have been made on intelligent and logical grounds.

   Bruce Babbitt is an avid hiker and boater. He is sure to be out doing the same when he can get a chance. As a speaker at a previous GTS, he helped ignite the fire that led to the current EIS and subsequent Grand Canyon Protection Act. We hope to have his enlightening input in the future.