Colorado Plateau River Guides

   At the Grand Canyon River Guides fall meeting at Pack Creek, GCRG members were joined by guides and enthusiasts from the Upper Colorado River Basin. With support from GCRG, a sister organization, Colorado Plateau River Guides (CPRG) was formed. CPRG is an association of river guides who are serving the needs of the people who work and enjoy the rivers of the Colorado Plateau.

   We would like to thank GCRG for its assistance in organizing and establishing our mission. We also want to thank you for setting a reliable example for us to follow. Education is our emphasis. We are currently working with agencies and institutes of the Colorado Plateau on several educational programs. Our seasonal newsletter, The Confluence will be a collection of educational articles on river history, science, and issues, as well as updates on available seminars and classes. The Confluence includes information for professional guides, recreational rafters, outfitters, agencies, and corporations. Through a joint effort we hope to protect the rivers that we enjoy. Our annual membership dues of $20 will in turn be used to create a medium for communication and will fund such items as The Confluence. CPRG has two types of membership: Guide Membership and General Membership. Our Guide Membership is for anyone who works, or has worked professionally, in the river touring industry and our General Membership is for anyone who is interested in protecting the rivers of the Colorado Plateau. Thanks again for your support, GCRG. If you have any questions please feel free to write us: CPRG, P.O. Box 344, Moab, Utah 84532.