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the journal of Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.
volume 8   number 2                           spring 1995

Gloeckler and Winter

   Gloeckler: I didn’t have any prehistory. I was in high school. We were sixteen years old. Wade Falany came to us one day, a bunch of us, and said, “Hey, want to go run rivers?” and we said, “Sure.” That was that.
   That was in 1966. Wade introduced us to his brother, Henry, who was starting a company. We started off on the Stanislaus River that summer, really that spring, running training trips. Beatin’ ourselves up pretty good.
   It was Class 3 and 4, and it had a couple of ’em that were serious enough when you’re just starting out and you’re getting into, oh, ten-mans and basket boats is really what Henry relied on; and those were really not built for this particular kind of thing; (chuckles) he gave us those old shorty pontoons, and even pontoons that were thirty-five-footers we rowed through there with two men doin’ it, depending on the flow of the river. Usually it can get down into the 100 cfs, or it can be, I ran it one time at 13,000 cfs and managed to scatter some people all around the river there.

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