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Back in 1988, an intrepid group of guides got together with the brilliant idea of creating an inclusive organization designed to give the river community at large a unified voice in the protection of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. Since that time, GCRG has endeavored to educate, inform, and provide much needed cohesion for our river community, while adhering to our primary mission: "We will act whenever a canyon natural resource is threatened or the quality of the Grand Canyon experience is compromised." After our inception, we jumped right in, so to speak, with considerable work on the Glen Canyon Dam EIS, and the passage of the Grand Canyon Protection Act, and we've been fighting to protect Grand Canyon and the river experience ever since! River guides, river runners, and river lovers are a passionate and powerful group when they act collectively as they do within the umbrella of our non-profit organization, Grand Canyon River Guides. Together, we're committed to river and canyon stewardship for the long haul.
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But how do we inject that guide perspective and work towards our mission and goals? From grassroots stewardship programs to high profile Federal Advisory Committees, several of Grand Canyon River Guides' programs and activities directly target resource protection issues in strategic ways.