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Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program


GCRG has a seat on the Federal Advisory Committee charged with advising the Secretary of the Interior on how best to manage Glen Canyon Dam to comply with the mandates of the Grand Canyon Protection Act.  Since 1996, our Adaptive Management Program representatives (on the Adaptive Management and Technical Work Groups) have worked diligently to unify and direct the concerns of more than 20,000 river runners who float the Colorado River through Grand Canyon each year. Through our “seat at the table” we work to:


  • Inject a well-informed guide perspective,
  • Present cogent arguments supporting recreational river running needs and concerns,
  • Protect the natural and cultural resources of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon, and
  • Counterbalance the considerable weight of water and power interests.


Long Term Experimental & Management Plan EIS (LTEMP)

This is THE important plan, folks – one that will determine the flows you boat on and the state of the resource for the next 20 years or so.  Consequently this EIS is on par in importance with the initial Glen Canyon Dam EIS in the early 1990s.  We need the entire river community to weigh in! Six alternatives were presented to the Adaptive Management Work Group and released to the public on April 21, 2014. See LTEMP Resources below for the link. These alternatives are subject to change as NEPA progresses, and the Preferred Alternative is yet to be determined. The Draft EIS will most likely be available for public comment sometime later on this fall. We urge you to subscribe to the official LTEMP website shown below to receive updates and announcements in regards to this important planning process. You can play an important role in protecting Grand Canyon and the Colorado River! Get involved today!


LTEMP Resources:


If you would like to learn more about the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program, or about the science that informs policy decisions for the management of Glen Canyon Dam, a few resources you might want to explore are:


Grand Canyon Sandbars Group on FACEBOOK at: This site is a forum for input on the condition of sand bars and shoreline habitat on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon. It includes annotated photos that show the changing conditions of sand bars after the 2008 Beach Habitat Building Flow.


Join the GCRG guide email lists for monthly dam flow reports, opportunities for public involvement in Grand Canyon issues, and other info on classes, events, etc.. Contact and ask to be put on the list!


If you have questions or if you'd like to express your views or concerns as they relate to the management of Glen Canyon Dam, please feel free to contact our GCDAMP reps directly. They want to hear from you: Sam Jansen (Adaptive Management Work Group rep) at, Jerry Cox (Technical Work Group rep) at


GCRG would like to extend our thanks to the Grand Canyon Conservation Fund, a non-profit grant-making organization managed by the Grand Canyon river outfitters. Funding from the GCCF supports our efforts to advocate for meaningful change as the recreational stakeholder within the Glen Canyon Dam Adaptive Management Program.