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the journal of Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.
volume 11   number 4 fall 1998
Nancy Streator Reuling:
A Passenger's Perspective

id you make the hike to Rainbow Bridge? Did you go up there?

   We slept on top of that bridge.

   Oh, really? Tell me about that!

   That was really fun. Well, at that point in time, I think, the hike up to Rainbow Bridge was about six miles, one way. It was quite warm, and we started in the evening, so Norm, Ardie and I spent the night. We didn't sleep because it was really quite narrow up on top there; it starts curving a lot, you know, you are really up there. So we spent the night up there; we went up and got up there after dark, kind of after dark. As you face the bridge from the river, we went up the right side. There was a rope up there, as I remember, that had been placed there. We marched up there and kind of spent the night up there, but we didn't do a lot of sleeping. Then the next morning we walked across the bridge because they were taking movies of us and that sort of thing. I have those movies; you can see these three little figures walking across the bridge.

   Why did you do that, was it just for fun?

   Oh, I don't know. Norm was very theatrical, you know. He liked to do these things that were quite different.

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