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  BQR ~ fall 1998

ey everyone! I just wanted to say thanks to those of you that voted for me and commend those of you that didn't for your good judgement. Some of you may not know me. I've worked in the canyon for nineteen years running motor boats for Hatch River Expeditions. I've also rowed boats for Moki Mac, Mark Sleight, oars- Science, and have even rowed on a couple of private trips over the years. My background is in recreation and education, and I try always to keep a good sense of humor about everything. All of this hopefully gives me a better understanding of the guides perspective on most issues.

  Although I believe the environmental issues of the Grand Canyon are very important, I feel it is time to get back to what this organization is based on, namely the river guides who are working in the Canyon! And guide education. Every one of us—motor guides or rowing guides, living in Flagstaff, Fredonia, or far flung points beyond—needs to start pulling on the same end of the rope. If your membership has run out, send in your dues, be a part of your organization. To the general members: you are very important to us and we need your support. Right now there are fewer guide members than there are general members. There is a reason for this! Believe me, if you haven't paid your dues lately, then you are a part of that reason. Maybe you have lost interest in GCRG? I know, some of you feel as though we at GCRG have put ourselves in an Ivory Tower, out of touch with you and how you feel about the Canyon.

   I feel there is a great need to have a representative from each river company present at every Spring and Fall GCRG meeting, and when possible at our monthly board meetings to build better understanding of what is going on. Also, the bqr needs your input. Let's hear from you. What are the five best stories of the summer of '98? A lot happened down on the river this summer, let's hear your story. Let's focus on the present as well as the past and look to the future.

   My vision of GCRG's future is the building of a partnership first between GCRG and the Grand Canyon river guides (that is our name after all, right?!). We should not be working for the outfitters so much as working with the outfitters. We should also be working together with the National Park Service to realize our mission:

Protecting Grand Canyon
Setting the highest standards for the river profession
Celebrating the unique spirit of the river community
Providing the best possible river experience

  My strongest belief is that we need to cease fighting about issues over which we are strongly divided. Stop the name-calling. Where has that gotten us? The fact is we are all in a love affair with the Canyon and we are all jealous lovers. If you love something set it free. Let's work together. The Canyon will be here long after we are gone. We need to communicate and work together in order to find our common ground. Education is the key to understanding.

Bob Grusy

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