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  GCRG Honored
  BQR ~ fall 1998

n October 9, Grand Canyon River Guides was honored by American Rivers for outstanding achievements in conservation and river advocacy. Other honorees were former gcrg president Tom Moody, and Bruce Moore and Charlie Calhoun of the Bureau of Reclamation. Founding president Kenton Grua accepted the award on behalf of the guides, accompanied by River Science Coordinator Andre Potochnik and President Christa Sadler. The plaque awarded by American Rivers reads: "For so safely and professionally showing visitors from around the world the splendors of Grand Canyon and instilling in so many the river conservation ethic to protect and preserve it for the enjoyment of future generations."

   This award goes to all of the guides. While we may not all agree on what to do, and how or when to do it—our professionalism and love of the canyon and the river, and our desire to share them with our guests have never been in question. Congratulations to all of you and thanks for helping gcrg keep to the "High Road".


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