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  Revising our Editorial Policy
  BQR ~ fall 1998

ecent feedback has brought it to our attention that there is some discomfort with a few of the articles being published in the bqr, and some of the people we "allow" to come stand up and make statements at our meetings and the GTS. It appears that some people don't want to hear dissenting opinions or read articles that do not fully support their particular views, and they feel that the guides' organization is an inappropriate forum for these opinions. Because of this, a few of the outfitters are talking about withdrawing support for GCRG and the BQR. This is too bad, since they are as welcome as anyone else to contribute to the journal or come to our meetings.

   We will stand by our decision to allow GCRG to be a forum for all opinions to be expressed, in person and in writing. We do not agree with all that we print or that is said at our meetings, but we will vigorously defend its right to be expressed. We will not necessarily print everything that we receive, and personal attacks are frowned upon, but anyone is encouraged to write or speak their mind with us. We believe that access to a diversity of written and spoken expression allows people to make better informed decisions about the issues at hand, and inspires them to become active.

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