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  New Radio Frequency
  BQR ~ fall 1998

ne of the air tour radio frequencies over Grand Canyon has recently been changed. The eastern sector of the Canyon, from Lees Ferry to Havasu/Kanab Creek has changed from 122.85 to 120.05. This is now the frequency that a person would use to contact an overflight of a tour plane/helicopter in Marble Canyon, lcr, and central section of the gorge (Phantom Ranch, Crystal, etc.). Of course, 121.5 is still the "emergency" frequency.

   This change was due to conflicts that had arisen due to different uses of frequencies too close together, and has been in the works for about 2 years.

   Be aware that the current regulations still show the old frequencies. Once new ones are printed and distributed with new permits, the change will show.

Ed Cummins
Lees Ferry Ranger

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