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  So Long and Keep the Ball Rolling!
  BQR ~ fall 1998

y term's up, and it's time for this president to step down. Thanks for the opportunity to serve our fine community. In my nine years with gcrg, I've had the pleasure to work with many great individuals. We have a terrific slate of people now serving on the Board of Directors and as officers, and there are more in the wings. Secretary-Treasurer Lynn Hamilton continues to do a tremendous job at keeping everything moving along. She has shown incredible competence and enthusiasm in embracing the interests of gcrg. I am confident that incoming president Christa Sadler will continue to keep the ball rolling, and I will continue to serve gcrg and all recreational river interests in the Adaptive Management Program for the operation of the dam.

   We have accomplished many things this past year. We organized and ran the annual Guides Training Seminar and advanced first aid courses. We labored through the daunting task of producing our statement on the revision of the Colorado River Management Plan. We stayed involved as a player in the Adaptive Management Work Group. We continued to build the Whale Foundation, a community support system for river guides. We continued the Adopt A Beach program for river guide participation in the monitoring of camping beaches in Grand Canyon. The Boatman's Quarterly Review continues to sew us together and is arguably the most important thing we do. We are all deeply grateful to Brad Dimock for building such a well-loved journal, and we look forward to working with those who will succeed him in producing the bqr.

   Grand Canyon River Guides is a lot of things to a lot of people. For many, it's the best gig going, a force that unifies a diverse community. It provides a place from which to speak and a group to feel connected with. For others, it just doesn't measure up to their expectations. But griping never really helps anybody—if you care about something, dive in there and make a difference. Despite what some people think, gcrg is still a wide open forum, a place to do things that really matter to all of us. Thanks and so long!


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