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 Looking Forward
  BQR ~ Fall 1999

would like to begin by saying thank you, Christa, for all your hard work and dedication in your term as president of gcrg. But more than that I would like to add that without your efforts our (my) course would be much more difficult to navigate. Best wishes Christa from all of us.
I want everyone to know that I look forward to my term as president of gcrg with a great deal of enthusiasm. There are lots of things we need to focus on. This begins with staying in touch with the working guides of Grand Canyon as well as general members and private boaters. Let's build on the things we do best and the love we share for the Grand Canyon.
First: The bqr. It is our voice. If you've got something to say, speak up. Don't just set around some warehouse somewhere or out on the back of the boats with a beer in your hand running off at the mouth about how things oughta be. If it is really important to you, make the effort to write your thoughts down and send them in.
Next: The Fall Meeting and the Spring gts. This is the best time to stand up and say what's on your mind. But equally important, there is no better time to get together with your friends, compadres, and guides from other companies. Get to know one another, have a great time, and build on the strength of this family. It is a time to find out where we all stand on the issues and most important topics of the current times.
Last but not least: The Guides Training Trip. There is no better way to get to know someone than to do a river trip with them. This trip brings guides from all companies together on one trip. It builds understanding of one another. It is not a trip just for the new guides but for everyone. When was the last time you did a training trip? What do you think, you know everything? Well, excuse me! Maybe it's time you brushed up on some old skills.
We are all on this trip together. Let's work together to make the most beautiful place on Earth an even better place. It takes a team. Be part of it

Bob Grusy

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