What's happening with Grand Canyon Youth?

Right now over 130 kids (ages 13–19) from Flagstaff and beyond are earning money and doing community service in preparation for trips on the San Juan River and the Colorado River through Grand Canyon. They are also preparing some exciting project outlines for educational projects about the Colorado Plateau. Last year Grand Canyon Youth (gcy) coordinated five very successful river trips serving 79 students (three San Juan, one Desolation Canyon, one Grand Canyon), but, matching funds to help students and gcy meet this year's financial obligations (a thank you to the already kind and generous outfitters: azra, Diamond, Adventure Discovery) are running low.

Grand Canyon Youth has grant proposals in the works; we have a Business Sponsorship Program; and we have our Adopt-a-Youth program which provides assistance to youth whose families are unable to provide financial assistance. Would you like to help out a really

good cause which is to “get kids on the river” so they may gain the appreciation and love that we have for this beautiful region? Then please contact us at:
Email: gc_youth@email.msn.com
Phone: 520-773-7921
Grand Canyon Youth
P.O. Box 23376
Flagstaff, Arizona 86002
Web page: www.grandcanyonyouth.org
By the way, Grand Canyon Youth would like to thank everyone so far who has participated and is participating in the mission to provide youth an experiential education along the rivers and in the canyons of the Colorado Plateau in an effort to promote environmental awareness, community involvement, personal growth, and teamwork among people of diverse backgrounds. Thanks to everyone who made the year 2000 a success for gcy! Let's do the same for the year 2001.
Lynn Roeder