Thank You's

At the end of each fiscal year (June 30) gcrg lists the contributors for that period in the boatman's quarterly review. However, it has come to our attention that this kind of listing fails to demonstrate that many gcrg members contribute repeatedly over the years. In other words, these “frequent givers” tend to upgrade their status as time goes on. Our life member list is too long to include here as it exceeds 450 people, but we'd like to take this opportunity to give you a better idea of members who have reached benefactor and patron levels. After all, aren't we a greater sum than our parts?
Patrons (Guide)
Steve Asadorian
Tim Begue
Frank Bender
Bill Crane & David Rockwood
Noel Eberz
David Hinshaw
Liz Jackson
Garth Marston
Drummond Pike
Richard Quartaroli (in memory of Harry “Burlo” Quartaroli)
Ken Wright
Patrons (General)
Barbara & Phil Albright
Mike Archenhold
Margaret Endres
Robert Gooch (in memory of Brenda Gooch)
Jim & Denny Hoelter
Joyce Holfeld
Steve Jellinek
Cass & Lynn Nevada
Gloria Pfeif
Michael Wehrle
McJunkin Corporation
Seagate Software (in memory of Tom Yerkes)
Benefactors (Guide)
Owen & Patty Baynham
Barbara Warner (in memory of Michael Jacobs)
Benefactors (General)

Anonymous (x3)
Guy Blynn
Frank Bonnarens
Chris & Vicki Brems
Titus Case
Ginger Chinn
Jim Cuthbertson
Richard Dawson
Luz Dingledy
Jody Gebhardt
Jane Ginsburg
Edmund Gust
Ed Jodice
Lois Jotter Cutter
Jane & Robert Katz
Jay Kenney
Steve Lange
Carolyn Langenkamp
Jay Larson, MD
Tobin Lippert
Charles Manning
Ed Norton
Robert Norton
Geoff Phillips
Dianne & Elliot Pleva
Rick & Stephanie Rogers
Mark Thurston
Donald Waite (in memory of Tom Yerkes)
Funding organizations are another integral part of gcrg's success. Their assistance with our many programs has been invaluable. A list of funders over the years is as follows:
Brown Foundation
Environmental Experiences
Grand Canyon Conservation Fund
Grand Canyon Monitoring & Research Center
Grand Canyon National Park/Grand Canyon Assoc.
Melody S. Robidoux Foundation
Newman's Own Organics
River Runners Film Project (Don Briggs/Tides Foundation)
Tides Foundation
And, while we're in the thanking mode, gcrg has once again had a highly successful year-end fundraising effort. It raised over