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  The News ~ fall 1992


to: River Unit
re: Hand soap at Lees Ferry
from: Larry Hopkins, commercial guide

   I find it really ironic that on the river we stress hand wash with soap before all meals and after using the bathroom, but at Lees Ferry where most boatmen use the toilet the morning we start a trip and all of our guests use the bathroom after their bus ride to the Ferry- there is no soap available. Why? Somebody, sometime is going to get sick from this situation. Is it possible to remedy this A.S.A.P.?

Larry Hopkins

Aug 13 1992

Larry Hopkins, Commercial Guide

Dear Mr. Hopkins:

Thank you for your letter concerning the need for soap in our restroom facilities. Presently we do not provide hand soap at any of our public ramp facilities within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. There are a number of reasons why we do not, which includes improved personal sanitation, the maintenance of soap dispensers, added cost of soaps, liability of soap products, vandalism to dispensers, theft of bar soap, etc.

Generally it is the accepted practice that campers and boaters provide their own hand soap.

Thank you for your suggestion and interest in operations at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

John O. Lancaster Superintendent


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