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  Havaspew II, the sequel
  The News ~ fall 1992

he reports of my death are greatly exag-s gerated,” says Havasu to those who go for a hike there these days.

   Yes, another major flood raged through in July, wedging logs into the harbor narrows and rearranging much of the stream bed. And yes, Havaspew III followed soon after, smaller in volume but carrying in enough gravel to pave Iowa. And yes, a vast majority of the pools between Beaver Falls and the river, including most of the harbor, were filled to the brim with said gravel.

   The Park expressed a concern that Havasu’s desirability might be so diminished that impact might increase in nearby canyons such as Matkat, Kanab and National. We would hope any such rescheduling of trips would soon be spread throughout the entire trip rather than just the immediate vicinity.

   But the truth is, Havasu, different, dynamic and changeable as it is, is still a spectacular side canyon. Check it out with an open mind. Don’t expect the Havasus of yore. Let your passengers be the judge.


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