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  Seeking Hyde
  The News ~ fall 1992

hen Emery Kolb found Glen and Bessie Hyde’s sweep scow in the lower Granite Gorge, Bessie’s camera was aboard. The film therein was developed and became part of the Kolb collection.

   What was the last picture taken before the Hyde’s mysterious disappearance? Might it give us a clue to what became of the Hydes? By trying to decipher Kolb’s cryptic numbering system on the back of the photos, it seems that the lower picture should be the last one. Dock Marston, however, insisted for reasons we’ll never know, that the upper picture was Bessie’s last shot.

   The answer is up to you: figure out where one or both of these is, and send us a matching photo. When we get both, we’ll print them in a future issue.

   Happy hunting.


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