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  Insurance and Retirement
  The News ~ fall 1992

n GCRG's ongoing search for affordable insurance and retirement plans, we stumbled across Buster Quist, an independent insurance and securities agent. He spoke for a bit at the Kanab GCRG/Outfitter meeting and at the Fall GCRG meeting. So far he has come up with the most affordable plans we have found. He is working with two types of plans which, together, make a lot of affordable sense:

Payroll Deduction Systems

   "Section 125" is a plan for health insurance and other health related expenses.

   "401k" is a plan for retirement, utilizing various investment options.

   Both of these are systems set up through your employer, whereby your health and/or retirement expenses are deducted from your payroll before taxes. This means two things:

   You don't pay taxes on that money, and your employer doesn't pay payroll overhead on that money. Furthermore, the employer may be willing to contribute some of the saved funds into the boatman's account, making things even more desirable.

Affordable Plans

   Buster has come up with several low priced health insurance and retirement plans that can be customized to each person's needs. When these are combined with payroll deduction plans, we begin to see some truly attractive savings.

   We boaters get older and our mortality becomes ever more apparent; at the same time health care costs continue to skyrocket and the federal pension plan, Social Security, appears ever more tenuous.

   It is up to each one of us to look out for our own futures. It is up to our outfitters to be responsive to the needs we present to them. If you want payroll deduction plans, be sure your outfitter knows it. A few outfitters have already begun to implement them.

   If you want health or dental insurance, or a retirement fund, deal with it. Today. Not next week. Not next year.

   Buster Quist can be reached at (800) 554-9367.


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