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  Nuts and Bolts: How we're doing
  The News ~ fall 1992

The Office

   The physical headquarters of GCRG currently reside in a room of Brad Dimock‘s house in Flagstaff. The phone, the fax, the computers, the files and other accumulated debris are all to be found here.

Orders, membership and communications

   The office is in operation whenever someone is in town to operate it. This means that your calls, letters and orders may be answered right away or may have to wait a month or more. Be patient and understanding- we are all volunteers and we’re doing the best we can. It’s a tremendous amount of work and we are always looking for good help.


   Board meetings are held here on the first and third Tuesdays of the month at 6:30 PM, and all interested parties are encouraged to attend. (Give us a call first to make sure that particular meeting has not been rescheduled.)

The News

   The sophistication and quality of our quarterly newsletter continues to rise, due to three things: 1) High level Macintosh publishing technology (Thank you, Tides Foundation!) and a good print shop; 2) a hell of a lot of work; and most importantly, 3) Excellent submissions from you all. Please keep sending things and let us know when you can help.


   Don’t be discouraged or offended if everything you send doesn't get printed. That’s the way publishing is. Keep sending stories, poems, ANYTHING! We’re especially looking for line drawings and other artwork.
   For those of you who do computers, it helps us tremendously if you can send us your submission on a disk. We can transfer IBM or Mac disks (5 1/4” or 31/2”) directly to our publishing program. Preferred programs to submit in:


  • Word (easiest)
  • Word Perfect(easy)
  • ASCII (will work)


  • Word 5 (excellent)
  • Pagemaker 4.2 (excellent) Macwrite

   We can translate many other programs too, but if yours is obscure, send along a copy of the program. One more thing: don’t justify the text columns; it confuses the translator.


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