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  GCRG / Outfitters Meeting
  The News ~ fall 1992

ack in September, in Kanab, GCRG got together with the outfitters to talk. The meeting produced some frank and lively discussion on a range of issues all needing our collective attention.

   Fred Burke (ARR retired) was invited to attend and lend some historical perspective and personal insight on outfitting. No stranger to controversy, he encouraged the outfitters to stand together, to lead and not to follow, and to give more consideration to the boatmen (health plans, retirement). “It’s a profession now, not a hit or miss summer job”, he said. To the boatmen he said, “Stand with your outfitter and present a united front. It’s good to see GCRG speak for the boatmen and fight for the things they should have”. To the NPS: “ The emphasis on law enforcement over resource management is off track. “Who gives a damn if someone shoots off a rocket on the Fourth of July! That’s not the point. Be more resource oriented. Don’t lose the personal contact with the boatmen.”

   There was genuine desire to address issues and entertain fresh ideas which might improve our continuing role as custodians of the Canyon, the visitor experience, and the resource. The river community can take a lead role in addressing these issues and, given the current enviro/political climate, the GCRG/outfitter forum is a downright positive approach.

   GCRG would like to thank the both NPS for presenting their concerns to us so we could discuss them before they became crises; andall the outfitters for attending the meetings and contributing their energy and input toward a common cause.


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