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  Precycling...A Step Beyond
  The News ~ fall 1992

or many of us, our recycling programs have been really successful; your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication should be commended! Hopefully we can continue to develop new programs as well as add to those already existing.

   Thank you’s are also in order for R & W Recycling (AKA New World Recycling). They have helped the process along for many of us in Flagstaff by making sure our collected items make it to the remanufacturing market. They are even finding markets for difficult items like glass, cardboard and plastic. Hopefully the recycling market will continue to grow, with things like minimum recycled content legislation, and the development of closer remanufacturing facilities.

   In the meantime, another way to facilitate recycling is to PRECYCLE. To precycle is to make purchasing choices that support responsible products and packaging, make recycling easier; and to reduce the amount of garbage you throw away. One way to precycle is to buy products made from recycled materials, such as paper office supplies, toilet paper, and many packaging materials. Here are some other ways to make responsible purchasing decisions:

   Avoid Throwaway Products. When possible, avoid buying products manufactured purposely for automatic disposal such as plastic razors, paper plates, styrofoam cups, plastic utensils, and non-rechargeable batteries.

   Select Products Carefully. Consider the environmental impact of each purchase you make. Is it safe for the environment? Can it be reused or recycled? Is there a better alternative product or packaging of it? Do you really need it?

   Overcome Overpackaging. If the packaging isn’t necessary to protect the product, buy the less packaged product. Buy in bulk. Reuse Things. Donate unused trip food to the Mission.

   Reuse plastic containers. Donate unused trip food to the Mission. Reuse plastic containers.

   Express Yourself. Patronize businesses that offer recyclable products, less packaging, and the choice to buy in bulk. Your purchases are like votes - they send messages to manufacturers that encourage environmentally sound products.

Kris Campitelli

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