Heritage Funding

   As evidenced by the sheer bulk of this issue, our oral history project is still under way. Funding for it, however, is a bit problematic. Northern Arizona Special Collections has donated a great deal in the way of equipment and transcriptions. And a special thanks to general member Misty Norby for a generous donation. But it’s a costly process, the coffers are bare, and poor old Lew is still a couple Grand in the hole.

   What to do? Well, Don Briggs, boatman and movie producer, (River Song, Grand Canyon Mule Ride) is hard at work on a film on the history of river running on the Colorado. You’ve probably seen him with his film crew at the last few GTS’es, Georgie’s party, etc. Don, too, has to generate funds, and has come up with a plan that will help us both out.

   He is “selling” one half interest in his film in the form of several $6000 “shares”. Some of these shares are donated to the project in the name of a charitable organization. When the film goes on the market, the first proceeds will go to pay off these shares- that is to say, the charitable organization in whose name the share was donated will be paid off. After that, Don will get half the profits and the other half will be distributed to the shareholder charities. Cool, huh?

   Well, Don has already generated about $2000 towards a GCRG share (or half share). He’s hoping to find more donors to bring this amount up to $3,000, or, better yet, $6,000. What this means is that once the film goes to market, GCRG will get a lump of dough, followed by funding for several years. The Tides Foundation is handling the finances. We’ve earmarked this as the GCRG Heritage Fund, to be used towards the Oral History project and other heritage related efforts.

   So if you know anyone with a little or a lot to donate to this very worthy tax-deductible cause, contact Don Briggs, 398 Eleventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. 415 864-6990. He’ll be happy to answer any questions. Thanks!