Report From Lees Ferry

   I want to thank everyone for their patience during my transition to the new ranger at the Ferry. You have all been very helpful while I learn the requirements and how to fit into your community. I think I can even put about twenty names to faces. (how would you all feel about wearing nametags for a year or so? just kidding…)

Navajo Bridge

   Navajo Bridge construction began May 3. We stay in close contact with the construction folks to keep track of activity: they are a great bunch of folks and are very accommodating. The bridge passage window, (11 AM to 1 PM) is in effect on weekdays; not on weekends or holidays. You may launch at any time, but may delayed at the bridge if you miss the window. From time to time there will be no window during the week. A safety boat is on the river to hold traffic; it has radio contact with the construction foreman and the launch ramp at Lees. Those missing the window will be allowed through only when it is safe to do so.

   Currently scaling operations are under way on the Navajo side to remove all hazard rocks from the construction zone. All of these rocks are being brought up and removed from the area. With the exception of a few very dangerous rocks, none will be released into the Canyon. Only the necessary rocks will be removed to prevent scarring. Safety nets will be in place to catch everything bigger than an inch and a half.

   It sounds like work will stop from early October until after January 1, so most of the non-motorized season should be construction free. Steel should start arriving after the new year and we will be back on the bridge window routine. Stay tuned.


   The rumors are true. The Scat machine at Meadview is in service. The dollar bill switch is installed so keep some bucks handy. Keep a handwashing set up handy too. Please follow the directions to the letter, especially completing the cycle so you don’t get out of synch. For any problems, try to track down Dave Chapman, the Lower Gorge Ranger in Meadview, 564-2320.

   Dave says a lot of interesting material is finding its way into the machine: a comb, a toothbrush, tin cans… You can’t stand guard on your toilets, but we need to let people know that these toilets need to be treated just like their toilets at home, (assuming they don’t use their home toilets for trash cans).

Guide Licenses

   Carol is trying to empty a file of partial guide certification cards. You know who you are: help us clear these up. Also, there may be some of you waiting for a card and not hearing from us. There seems to be a black hole here that gobbles up resumes, CPR certifications and even entire clumps of paperwork held together with wire clips. If in doubt as to your status, contact us.

   From now on, when you come to take the test, we ask that you have all your paperwork in hand. For recerts: a current CPR and approved 1st Aid card. For new guides or upgrades to trip leader: the above cards and a current resume.

   About the kayak safety boat certification: all that is required for this is to have a current guide certification card and submit a resume of river kayaking experience.

   Feel free to grab us on the ramp if we can help with anything… except rigging your boats.

   See you on the ramp.

Blu Picard (and Carol)