Closing the Recycling Loop

   Ever wonder where all the plastic, paper, aluminum, glass, and tires you’ve been collecting and recycling ends up? Aluminum cans and glass jars are usually recycled back into new cans and bottles, but what about the more difficult-to-recycle materials like plastics and tires? Here are some new, innovative products that are being made from recycled materials:

The Deja Shoe:

   Eco Sneaks™ and Envirolites™ shoes are made mostly of recycled materials: The molded upper rubber parts and outsole are made from a combination of tire rubber, polystyrene cups, milk jugs and food trays. The interfacing is made from recycled pop bottles. The neoprene foam cushioning is made of trim waste from wetsuit and gasket manufacturers. The layer under the foam cushioning is made from magazines and corrugated cardboard. And when the shoes eventually wear out, you can send them back to the manufacturer for further recycling.

Fleece Fashions:

   Patagonia and Sierra Designs are unveiling pullover sweatshirts and jackets of fleece fabric made in part from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. Supposedly, they’ll look very similar to the currently-used fleece.

Smart Scrubbie:

   The Scotch Brite scouring pad is made from 100% recycled soda bottles.

Recycled Tire Products:

   Ground rubber is being used to make a variety of products like irrigation tubing, indoor and outdoor athletic surfacing , and as rubber cart paths in golf courses. The largest market for ground tire rubber is as a binder or an aggregate in asphalt pavement.

   It’s products like these that help make recycling work. To close the loop, buy recycled products.

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