On trimming tamarisks…

   Like Shaving- It’s Unnecessary.


   On the river I’ve: shaded under, found a little calm from the wind in, found a little privacy behind, and tied the boat to them.

Steve Stratton

   Bonsai Tamarisk
   Shade trees are nice.
   The tamarisk don’t belong.
   They’re not going away,
   So use them.
   Trim them carefully,
   Like a bonsai.

Moe Guiness (a.k.a. George Bain)

   At a place such as Grapevine we should actually plant them along the slipface to keep what is left of the beach from eroding into the river.

Steve Savage

   They are intruders, an exotic species in the Canyon, and they are getting too dominant- but so are we! They’ve got the same rights as we have. Live and let live.

Achim Gottwald

   It’s like chives. Trimming seems to invigorate growth. Poison? A peril to the river water. You have a problem with the damned things.

Carol Burke

   As long as it’s done without leaving lethal punji sticks. Perhaps we could designate some sites for bonsai trimming. Ah, the zen of it all.


   I might clear out some pointed dead branches on the trail to the porta potty, but I do not agree with landscaping a campsite to look like a state park. All things in moderation, especially modification.

Bob Melville

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