Greetings From the Ferry

Navajo Bridge Construction

   The look of Marble Canyon has changed dramatically since the last news. Some mighty big holes have been dug near Navajo Bridge. Dealing with the passage under the bridge has been fairly uneventful. There was only one minor incident when the closure went past the 11:00 hour and someone floated under when it wasn’t safe. It’s a good idea to check with the safety boat any time you are passing. There will be work continuing through the fall and winter months and we will have the 11:00 to 1:00 window. They seem to be getting behind schedule. We recently had a Saturday with the window, which may become more common. There is even some muttering about a 24-hour schedule.

Lost Gear

   Occasionally we come across equipment left on the ramp; mostly blowers and extension cords. This equipment is not marked with company names so we can’t track down the owners. Let us know if you are missing equipment. Label all your gear with your company name. Better yet, take it with you.

Wakeless Worries

   Yes, even a motor rig can create a wake. Over the summer it became apparent that many guides were not aware that the area adjacent to the launch ramp is a wakeless area. The buoys upstream from the ramp are wakeless buoys to slow traffic as it approaches the launch ramp area. When you are moving motor rigs on and off the ramp please avoid creating a wake; it erodes the ramp and jostles boats tied up to the courtesy dock.

New Radio Frequencies

Daytime tour traffic

East 122.85 Lees to Havasu/Kanab
Central 127.05 Havasu/Kanab to Diamond
  119.0 Gnd. Cyn. Control Tower
West 121.95 Diamond to Pearce


Los Angeles 135.25 Lees to LCR 7AM-7PM
  128.07 LCR to Pearce 7AM-7PM
  124.2 24-hours
  124.85 24-hours
Denver 134.15 24-hours
Albuquerque 128.45 24-hours


Emergency 121.2 24-hours

   The ground to air radio frequencies for commercial air traffic have changed. Go ahead and put a copy of the new ones in your personal, first aid and radio boxes today. (see tables) We had days this summer when the ramp was very congested. I am impressed at the amount of your cooperation; it makes things work and we appreciate all your effort. Thanks to those of you who responded to letters about your guide cards.

   Have a good winter!

Carol and Blu