Workbook Issued for Grand Canyon GMP

  Superintendent Robert Chandler has issued the Preliminary Alternatives Workbook describing the four considered alternatives for Grand Canyon's General Management Plan scheduled for a record of decision in 1995.

   It's obvious Superintendent Chandler and his staff have put megahours of serious labor into disseminating the information found in the Workbook, a large format 26-page document full of big colorful maps, diagrams and highlighted boxes, all of them crammed with pertinent information.

   The four alternatives range far and wide, all the way from no action (#1) to distributing visitors equally throughout the park (#4). Alternative 2 would minimize in-park expansion. The 3rd choice contrasts resource preservation with the visitor's experience.

   The North and South rims, and also Tuweap, will be changing. That is plain to see. Perhaps even more interesting than the alternatives are the planning assumptions and proposals common to all of them. These include upgrades, improvements and other innovations with wilderness management, air quality, resource preservation, mass transit (South Rim), road and trail restoration, housing and dining, wayside exhibit upgrades, and on and on and on. There's nothing that hasn't been thought about here.

   Quite a handful. Not a casual read. But a really important read. There's a time limit thrown in there also. You gotta read fast. Get one of these Workbooks today, right away.

   Get one and read it. Digest all this information. Figure out how you'd manage Grand Canyon (and good luck, Pard) and which alternative you like&emdash;or maybe you don't and have one of your own. Fine. Do it! Return your Response Sheet by November 15th, the deadline. Write Superintendent Chandler at Box 129, Grand Canyon, AZ 86023, to request a Workbook and to return your Response Sheet.

   In the meantime, plan on attending one of the Open House presentations offered by the Park Service to learn more about the alternatives. Four open houses are scheduled. (see box)

   Superintendent Chandler needs our help. Do it.

Shane Murphy

GMP Open Houses

October 21
Red Hills Motel .

November 3
Quality Inn

November 4
Little America.

November 5
Hyatt Regency