Further Education
Questionaire Results

   "No tests and no stinking badges... but yeah, I’d like to attend some work- shops on the Grand Canyon.” This comment summarizes the feelings of many who responded to the Further Education questionnaire.

   We received 130 responses from members. An overwhelming majority of guides favor GCRG getting involved in further education by coordinating efforts with Canyonlands and Grand Canyon Field Institutes, rather than setting up an independent GCRG program. Likewise, most people indicated great enthusiasm for the Guides Training Seminar and the GCRG Newsletter, and felt these should take priority over joint endeavors with the Field Institutes.

Here is the tally from a few key questions:

• Interested in workshops pertaining to Grand Canyon? (75 yes, 15 no)
• Testing ? (16 yes, 73 no)
• College credit? (20 yes, 77 no)
• Correspondence courses? (61 yes, 27 no)
• Advanced guide certification? (8 yes, 69 no)
• Run courses through Canyonlands or Grand Canyon Field Institutes? (58 yes, 10 no)

   Where are we going from here? We’ll work to keep the GTS a first class event with informative speakers, and, via the newsletter, we’ll keep you posted on classes offered by Canyonlands and Grand Canyon Field Institutes and local community colleges. As of yet, no one has their schedules out for ‘94. If you are aware of any pertinent courses being offered, please let us know.

   In addition, we’re talking about searching universities and libraries with hopes of developing a comprehensive list of books and videos relating to Grand Canyon. Eventually GCRG would provide information on accessing these materials (inter-library loan, etc...) to interested GCRG members.

John Toner