Meet Marlene

   Hi! My name is Marlene Gaither, and I am a Senior Environmental Health Specialist at the Coconino County Health Department. In conjunction with the Park Service at the Grand Canyon, we have begun implementation of a comprehensive program of inspection and permitting of food warehouses used by commercial Colorado River running operations. In addition to routine inspection and permitting of food warehouses, we may provide training for both warehouse employees and river guides, and on-site review of operations on the river. Most of the food warehouses have already been inspected and are going through the permitting process. The inspections consist of a walk-through during which any violations of the County food code are noted, followed by a review with the warehouse operator and the development of a correction schedule. Overall, the food warehouses inspected thus far were well-run, and only minor changes have been necessary.

   River guides interested in receiving the Gamma Globulin series for Hepatitis “B” may contact Sonya Moore at the Coconino Health Department by calling (602) 779-5164 and asking for Sonya. The Hepatitis “B” series consists of 3 shots on the first day, another shot 30 days later, and the final shot 5 months later. The County charges $150 per person, which is considerably less than the $300 - $450 charged by private physicians. That’s all for now; here’s to a healthy, prosperous, and exciting new year.