An Overview of the GTS Past

   The Pres. showed up. Bad back, great attitude and medicated. We observed the construction of the new bridge. Big boys, big toys and no reason. The tent went up. A new floor, flags askew, challenging the wind. The guides came to meet, to wallow in each others presence. We bonded, we flew apart, we let each other know what we think. We practiced the art of self deception and known truth. We cried , drank from the big bottle and remembered our fallen brethren. Stan,Don, Ray, Karen and Catfish, in the flash of a year. They leave us the gift of having been in our lives. We sang , we danced we slept and Martha Clark fed us well.. Our bellies were full and (being a curious bunch) we demanded education, explanation, reasons and excuses for all the things that we pretend to understand fully. Nels said “Seldom correct, but never in doubt” or something like that. The speakers came. The NPS, Bureau of Rec, the Paiutes, geologists, biologists, doctors, economists, Al Gore and Charles Darwin. The vital organs of the river community were present. Ken Sleight, Don Harris, Vaughn Short and you. Is this whole scenario valid and necessary? Of course. What the hell else are we! The tent blew down but we are just catching our second wind.

Daniel H. Dierker
GTS Fellow