A Note from Phantom


   In regards to your article on Phantom Phone Bandits I wanted to follow up and let you know that in no way shape or form does the Fred Harvey Company have any relationship to the “pirating” of the public phone here on the property.

   As a former employee of the Arizona Corporation Commission I called a consumer affairs representative there to obtain information about Zero-Plus. I was informed that they are referred to as Alternative Operator Service, or AOS. They do in fact “pirate” long distance lines at above market prices. They are not regulated by state regulatory bodies but are responsive to tariffs established by the Federal Communications Commission.

   It is important to note that if anyone using the phone request AT&T or MCI et al as their long distance carrier, Zero-Plus and other AOS’s are legally obligated to switch your call to your carrier of choice. I trust this information will prevent anyone from getting ripped off by the Phantom Phone Bandits this season.


   On another topic, several years ago I forwarded a letter to all commercial river companies explaining our policy of carrying mail and packages to the ranch. We are not a postal contract station. The post office box that the ranch uses exists on the Rim at the village post office. It has evolved as a benefit to ranch employees that mail would be delivered on a periodic basis. Over time there has been an ever increasing number of packages arriving for guests, boatmen… As we are authorized to charge for duffel both in and out of the Canyon by the NPS we levy charges on these packages at the approved rate of $1.00 per pound.

   This discourages nonessential mailing of Packages for which we have no room to store, are unable to guarantee a delivery date, and are difficult to return to sender. This should help explain why it is that there is sometimes money due on packages delivered at the ranch. It is for duffel service provided by a private company, not the Post Office.

   At any rate, thanks for letting me run on for a few paragraphs. I trust you will find this information of some value.

Warren G. Tracy
Manager, Phantom Ranch