Letter from Georgie

Georgie’s own account of the state of Grand Canyon boating in 1955, as written in response to a query from Bill Beer. Handwritten in red ball point pen on grade school copy paper.

...courtesy Bill Beer

Between Trips

   Hello William
   No one has made swim with life Preservers clear through Canyon before you—average water 10,000 Second Feet.
   Another person and myself swam with life Preserver 60 miles 1945 + 125 miles in 1946 = Lower Granite Canyon at 65,000 second feet (water level makes a great difference in experience
   No one else has tried—we were first on lower half = a White in early History went through on raft [James].

   225 people as of august 1954 have went thru Grand Canyon by boat or swim float.
   Boat trips vary from one week to three weeks.
   Jimmy Riggs of Grand Junction, Colo [and brother Bob] has run all rapids and holds record for time in hand rowed boat (over motors even) Write to him for actual time Really something. Wood Cataract boat 2 men
   Very few people in all of history have actually been killed & of recent years Bert Loper of age 80 or 81 died of Heart Failure while running own boat= only couple in recent history = Honeymoon couple boat found but they never appeared. more accident have happened on smooth water (Hite to Lees Ferry) than on Grand in last 10 years

   9—Rubber 10 man Neoprene Landing Craft
   2 Rubber 27FT Pontoons
   1 Kayak—with Large Boats along
   1—Canoe—with Large Boats along
   Wood Catr Type Boat
   Motor Boat—Cris Craft

   Will be coming thru LA which is my home on way to Middle Fork of Salmon + will call you (many thing I can explain by talking but can’t write so hurridly ) about July 31
   Have largest group in history coming through Grand 30 1955 [Two folks didn’t make it. Georgie left Lees with 28, took on Canyon District Ranger Dan Davis at Tanner, and let off 9 at Phantom where 8 replaced them. This information courtesy of Dick Westwood.]

   3- Hand Rowed Boats
   3- Johnson’s sea Horse Powered Boats

   Land Boulder July 25
   Leave Lees Ferry July 5

   Would like to meet you, I was surprised it took 10 years for someone else to try the swim float I give you all the credit in the world for going clear thru. Was a trip of a lifetime however one makes it = swim — Boat or etc.