An Invitation

   For those of you who haven’t been by the NAU Cline Library, Special Collections & Archives Department lately, we encourage you to stop in for a look at the Library’s current exhibit, Grand Legacy, which highlights our holdings relating to Glen, Marble, and Grand canyons. Included are items from the Emery Kolb, J. Harvey Butchart, P.T. Reilly, Georgie Clark, Arizona River Runners, Grand Canyon River Guides and other collections. The exhibit will be up through December of this year. You are, of course, invited to peruse the collections in depth at any time.

   Need the story on James White? The oar versus motor controversy? Were there really Aztecs in the Grand Canyon? (No, but the cover alone on Prince Izon is worth a look.) Or perhaps your trusty ammo can would benefit from a few Kolb photos pasted to the inside of the lid.

   Whatever your river research needs may be, come on over (with your photo ID). During the fall semester, the department’s hours are 9–6 Monday through Friday and 10:30–2 on Saturday. The phone number is (602) 523-5551.

   I will be at the fall meeting with Kolb videos that need some identification work. Special thanks to all of you who helped identify Kolb and Georgie prints at the Spring Guides Training Seminar.

Diane Grua