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the journal of Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.
volume 8   number 1                   Winter 1994-95

Kim Crumbo

   I had a friend who worked for Jack Curry and Dee Holladay while I was still in the service... I got out in '71 and got a job with Holladay up in Cataract. I was on the Mekong River in March, and running the Colorado River in May.

   How'd you get in the service? Family tradition?

   Yeah, both my dad and step-dad. But my dad was a Navy pilot, and my step-father was a Marine pilot.

   Well, all that stuff that was going on then, as far as Vietnam-there wasnít any, as far as political objections, that kind of thing didnít come up?

   For them? Or for me?

   For you.

   Oh no! I mean, I thought the military was okay. I always had a pretty positive attitude. My step-father said, ďDonít go in the military,Ē but it was more of a hassle than a philosophical problem. And Vietnam wasnít an issue. I mean, no one really... It was 1965 when I graduated from high school and it was just starting to become a big deal.

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