Books of Interest

   PIAPAXA ‘UIPI (Big River Canyon). Prepared by Richard Stoffle, David Halmo, Michael Evans and Diane Austin. 368 pp, photos, charts, grafts; annotated biblio, references. A Southern Paiute ethnographic resource inventory and assessment of the Colorado River corridor; a report of work carried out for the Rocky Mountain Regional Office, NPS. Project No. GLCA-R92-0071.

   REPORT TO CONGRESS—Report of Effects of Aircraft Overflights in the National Park System. NPS, September 12, 1994. Appx 250 pp, charts, graphs, references; extensive mapping and computer modeling. Prepared pursuant to PL 100-91, the National Parks Overflights Act of 1987.

   Operation of Glen Canyon Dam Draft EIS Public Comment Analysis Report. Prepared by Bear West Consulting Team, August 1994. 403 pp (335 of them appendices), graphs. Available through CRSO, 125 South State Street, SLC, UT 84138-1102.

   Bibliography Of The Grand Canyon And The Lower Colorado River by Earle E. Spamer. Greatly enlarged and completely revised since the 1981 edition. Available as a printed volume (370 pages—$25); on floppy disks (7 or 8 diskettes for $25); or on microfiche (6-7 sheets for $15). Contact Five Quail Books, Spring Grove, MN; 507//498-3346.

   Glen Canyon Environmental Studies Phase I and Phase II Technical Reports and Related Documents. Send us a large SASE ($1.01 in postage) and we’ll send it back with an action-packed 13-page bibliography.

   Life In Stone—Fossils of the Southwest by Christa Sadler. 32 pp, photos, sketches, maps. ISBN 0-89734-116-3. $8; available from Museum of Northern Arizona-Press or Christa Sadler, Box 22130, Flagstaff, AZ 86002.

Popular Culture

   THERE’S THIS RIVER—Grand Canyon Boatman Stories. Christa Sadler, Editor. 184 pp, photos, sketches, drawings and paintings, with 24 original stories and artwork from people you know and love most of the time. Great stories for around the campfire. ISBN # 884546-01-3. $14.95, paper. Available from Red Lake Books, Flagstaff, AZ.