Guides Training Seminar
March 25-27, 1995

Historical Perspectives of a Changing River

   A river never looks back...but sometimes we do. Traditionally, the GTS has dealt with a variety of subjects ranging from basic geology to wilderness medicine, red ants and prehistoric Indians. Sort of “Grand Canyon 101,” if you will. This ti me we’d like to approach the seminar with a slightly different focus. The past year has been an historical one in many respects, and we’d like to capitalize on these events. Grand Canyon celebrated its 75th anniversary, installed a new superintendent, and is developing new General and River Management Plans. The draft EIS statement for Glen Canyon Dam was published after the culmination of years of research; and the USGS/GCES Old Timers river trip brought together a group of early river runners to help give an historical perspective of changes in the Canyon. We are hoping to bring together as many of these groups as possible to give guides and others a better understanding of changes to the Colorado River and Grand Canyon boating, and what the future may hold.

It should be a grand time. So mark your calendar! Talk to your manager or outfitter. Look for a special mailing in mid-February with more details of the GTS program.

Andre Potochnik and Christa Sadler


GCRG Spring Meeting: March 24, 1995, 1-5 pm. Dinner and storytelling afterwards. (Barry Goldwater has said he’ll try to be there; we’ll keep our fingers crossed!)

Guides Training Seminar: March 25-27, 1995. Cost: outfitter sponsorship or $25 .

GTS River Trip: March 28-April 5, 1995 (Lees Ferry to Bright Angel Creek). Cost: outfitter sponsorship or $100 (guides only).

*Wilderness First Responder Review Course: (Recertification for WEMT, WAFA, WFR) March 27-28, 1995. (CPR not included)

*Whitewater Advanced First Aid Course: March 29-April 2, 1995.

*American Red Cross Emergency Response: April 6-10. Hatchland. 8am Sharp!

*Pre-registration required for all first aid courses. All courses good for three years.