Paula Schiewe

   Paula first rafted Grand Canyon in 1989, where she met her fiancee Steve. The river had a profound effect on them and they returned every year thereafter. Both of them joined and contributed to GCRG.

   In December 1993, Paula was diagnosed with breast cancer, and died in June at the age of 33. She wrote:

   God, how I miss going out and running. It makes me feel so free. I sift through a million things in my brain. I talk to my Godónot the one that is represented by the institution of the churchóbut the one I feel inside when Iím running, the one I see when Iím in the Grand Canyon, the one I saw and felt in the Boundary Waters at the utter silence of the sundown.

   Paulaís family and Steve have created a fund in her honor with Grand Canyon Trust. It will fund a fellowship position to support direct conservation action for Grand Canyon.

Contributions can be sent to:

Paula Schiewe Memorial Fund
Grand Canyon Trust
P. O. Box 30848
Flagstaff, AZ 86003-9962