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  Adopt-a-Beach Takes Off
  BQR ~ summer 1996

he beach photo-matching program is off to a strong start. Guides quickly adopted all 30 “priority beaches” and many of the others on the list during the spring months.
What’s it all about? Understanding the effects of the “beach-building flow” last spring and involving guides with long-term monitoring. We plan to continue this program into the future. After all, beaches are our “habitat for humanity”. Let’s take care of them.
Is there still room to participate? You bet! We would like to get folks to double-up on beaches. The more photos and observations, the better idea we get as to how and why beaches change. Contact Lynn at GCRG to adopt a beach and get your disposable camera and materials.
What’s the procedure? It’s easy:
• go to the pre-selected photo site at your beach,
• fill out date, place, time, water level on a data sheet,
• photograph the data sheet,
• photo-match the beach,
• at season’s end, send camera and data sheets to GCRG.
We plan to give a progress report at the Fall GCRG meeting.
Thanks again to Brian Dierker, Noel Eberz, Bob Grusy, Lynn Hamilton, Lisa Kearsley, Jeri Ledbetter, Ted Melis, Richard Quartaroli, Dave Wegner, among others, and the listed Adopters, for their essential help getting this project off the ground and onto the beaches.

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