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Boatman's Quarterly Review
Submission Dates and Guidelines


Deadlines for Submissions:  the 1st of February, May, August, and November. But in the broader sense, the submission process is ongoing, so you can submit something anytime.


How to Submit Articles, Photos, etc...: Submissions should be emailed to or mailed on a CD to GCRG at PO Box 1934, Flagstaff, AZ 86002.


Format: Microsoft WORD files are best, but we can translate most programs.


Submission length: Written submissions should be less than 1500 words. For exceptions to this rule, see the special submission guidelines for book reviews and announcements below.


Book Reviews:

  • If you want your book reviewed, you need to find the reviewer yourself (preferably a GCRG member or someone within the river community)
  • Give us the title, author, publisher, number pages, ISBN number, and cost
  • Max length = 750 words
  • Email us a .jpg of the cover (about 300 - 350 dpi)


Book announcements/press releases (must fit into this format!)

  • Title
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • #Pages
  • ISBN number
  • Cost
  • Text (125 words max length).  Note: Do NOT just send us your press release and expect us to excerpt from it.
  • Email us a .jpg of the cover (about 300 - 350 dpi)


Memorial articles: Due to space considerations, GCRG plans to restrict memorial articles to those people who are (or have been) working guides, or to people who have made a significant impact on the canyon and the river, at our discretion. The articles should be generally 750 words or less. We may exceed this if the editors so choose. Please provide date of birth and date of passing, as well as a photograph or two.


Photographs: Please email or copy to disk all image files separately (do not embed them in your text).  Photograph resolution should be 300 dpi/ppi in a 5x7 inch size or larger, roughly. Image files should be in jpeg, tiff, or photoshop format.


Editorial Policy: Our editorial policy, such as it is, is to provide an open forum.  We need articles, poetry, stories, drawings, photos, opinions, suggestions, gripes, comments, Dear Eddy’s, etc….  Opinions expressed in the BQR are not necessarily those of Grand Canyon River Guides, Inc.


Other Considerations:

  1. We cannot guarantee that we will use your submission, but we will make every effort to do so.
  2. We cannot guarantee that we will use your submission in a particular issue of the BQR due to space considerations.  If we don't have room, we may roll it over to a future BQR.
  3. If you have sent us a CD, photographs, etc.., and need them returned to you, please let us know and provide a return envelope with sufficient postage.
  4. We can scan photographs, drawings, etc… and return the hard copies to you, upon request.
  5. GCRG editors reserve the right to edit submissions for spelling, grammar, content and length. If this is not acceptable to you, and if you would prefer to make any changes yourself, you must let us know. Due to time constraints, this may cause us to move the submission to another issue, space permitting.