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Want to get connected? Grand Canyon River Guides' E-Newsletter, "Boatman's Beta" is a great way for you to get plugged in to pretty much anything of interest to river guides and the broader river running community, including:


  • Monthly dam release reports
  • Info on GCRG events (Guides Training Seminar, first aid classes, Fall Rendezvous)
  • Other educational opportunities (such Colorado River Days/Flagstaff)
  • Action alerts (opportunities for public involvement in issues pertaining to the protection of the Colorado River through Grand Canyon)
  • Pertinent news articles and updates relating to Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.
  • Information from related organizations (Whale Foundation, GCY, Grand Canyon Trust, etc...)


And much more! You'll find the sign up mechanism on the right-hand side of our home page. We know you'll appreciate being dialed in!