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Virtual Guides Training Seminar, aka V-GTS

Dates: March 27 & 28, 2021 (the last weekend of March)

Where: Zoom (virtual event)

Theme: "Towards a Brigher Future"


You must REGISTER (see the Registration Link below)

Links to the V-GTS Zoom Rooms are HERE.

Out with 2020.  In with 2021!  But what does a brighter future look like beyond getting a handle on this devastating pandemic and returning to some sense of normalcy?  We are full of hope for a more inclusive, safe, and respectful future for our river community, and there is much work to be done!  We can move the needle through this V-GTS by listening and learning from the affiliated tribes of Grand Canyon, sharing the latest information on Grand Canyon science, and providing tools for a safer, more respectful workplace. Let’s move forward together with deeper knowledge, understanding, and greater awareness towards a positive future for all. 


The V-GTS format will include talks on both mornings. Please check out the draft V-GTS agenda. So many fascinating talks including an address by the Superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park! Don't miss it!!


Each V-GTS afternoon will feature an important workshop:


Saturday, March 27, Afternoon (2.5 hours)
Point Positive workshop: “What’s in Your Rig Bag?”  Tools and Info on Inclusion and Interruption
This optional workshop for guides and new leaders will get us to understand the relevance of topics like identity, inclusion, power, and intervening when issues come up within our crews and communities.  This workshop is FREE, ALL are welcome, sponsored jointly by the Whale Foundation and GCRG. 


Sunday, March 28, 2021, Afternoon (2.5 hours)
A-DASH workshop: "Where's My Line?" Reading the Waters of Sexism & Sexual Harassment
In this training, we work to understand the issues of sexism and sexual harassment, hear direct accounts of experiences from a river perspective, and acquire actual skills which can be utilized to address situations in the moment and after the fact. The workshop will seek to provide a space to learn and understand about these important topics through an intersectional framework (we'll explain!)  We look forward to seeing you there.
More info at: www.A-DASH.org


Please REGISTER for the V-GTS here:

V-GTS 2021 Registration Form (google.com)

(Note: With this registration form, you will be able to sign up for whatever portions of the V-GTS you are interested in on Day 1 and Day 2, including the workshops. Zoom links will be sent to you after you register.)


We look forward to seeing you on Zoom the last weekend of March for the awesome V-GTS!



Guides Training Seminar River Trip

Date/location for Upper portion: April 1 - 7, 2021 (Lees to Phantom)

Date/location for Lower portion: April 7 - 16, 2021 (Phantom to Pearce)


The primary focus of the GTS river trip is gain valuable experience on the Colorado River while honing interpretive training in the cultural, natural, and human history of Grand Canyon plus relevant resource management issues.  The GTS river trip also incorporates a mentorship component for the intangibles of guiding. Imagine a cooperative training trip with guides from multiple companies, a motor rig, oar boats, maybe a paddle raft or a dory, great speakers, fantastic hikes, and stewardship projects.  An outstanding educational opportunity!


Requirement: ALL GTS RIVER TRIP PARTICIPANTS MUST BE CURRENT MEMBERS OF GCRG. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you want to go, you need to support our organization so we can continue to bring events of this caliber to guides like you.


Other things to know:

  • As always, first preference will be given to guides sponsored by their outfitter.
  • If you are sponsored by your outfitter for either the GTS land or river sessions, please contact info@gcrg.org and let us know. We will bill your outfitter.
  • If we have any room left over (and that’s a big “if”), then we may open the remaining spaces to freelance guides who have work on the river in 2021. See below for Freelance Requirements. Freelance costs are $275 for the upper half and $375 for the lower half).


Freelance requirements are:

1) must have work on the river in 2021.

2) must have all your medical requirements and other guide certifications fulfilled as specified by Grand Canyon National Park, OR,

3) you must be a licensed guide on another river, actively working towards becoming a guide in Grand Canyon.

4) If you’re not sponsored, you would need to send us a letter with your background or resume, tell us who you are, how you meet these requirements, and why you should go. This will help us in our selection process. We will hold your check until we have made our decision. Not everyone who signs up gets to go.


Click here download the freelance application


Click here to view the GTS Library