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Whale Foundation


The river community was shocked to its core when Curtis “Whale” Hansen took his own life in 1995. In response, concerned river guides launched the Whale Foundation as a non-profit organization dedicated to:


“…providing confidential access to mental and physical healthcare professionals and a network of support services designed to restore, promote and celebrate the well being of the Grand Canyon river guiding community.”


The outstanding resources offered by the Whale Foundation include confidential counseling services, a scholarship program for guides who are pursuing their education goals, mental health and liaison training, the Health Fair at the Guides Training Seminar, career counseling services, and much, much more.


The Whale Foundation is there for YOU! Find out more about them at: http://www.whalefoundation.org

Toll Free Help Line: (1(877)44-WHALE

Business Line: (928) 774-9440