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How You Can Help


There are a variety of ways you can help GCRG:


  • Tax Deductible Contributions: Whether it’s a year-end contribution, a donation to the Circle of Friends fundraising drive (to support the Boatman’s Quarterly Review), an Adopt-a-Boatman donation, or just a few extra $$ at any time, contributions help us enormously, while they help you on your taxes. It’s for an eminently worthy cause, so do it today! Large or small, it all helps and we’re grateful for every penny.

  • Keep Your Dues Current: GCRG membership is the backbone of this organization and the engine that keeps it running. A small thing like keeping your dues current really does keep GCRG healthy and strong. Not to mention, you don’t want to miss any issues of the BQR!

  • Encourage Others to Join: GCRG is largely dependent upon word-of-mouth for new members, so your assistance can make an enormous difference. Whether it’s guide-to-guide, guide-to-passenger, or whatever the means, we really count upon YOU to spread the word and extol the virtues of this organization. Thanks for your support!

  • Volunteer: Come and volunteer in the GCRG office. If you know your ABC’s, we can use you! Our stacks of filing are always threatening to topple, so even an hour of your time will help. Or consider volunteering for the Adopt-a-Beach Program, our long term photographic monitoring project. Contact the GCRG office at (928) 773-1075 if you’re interested. And of course, consider running for the GCRG Board of Directors – we need your energy, ideas, and perspectives!

  • Active Participation: Quite frequently GCRG is involved in resource management issues that include a public participation component. It is always GCRG’s responsibility to send in official comments, but it is also your responsibility as a river steward to weigh in on these issues as well. Because time is usually of the essence for these processes, we generally use our guide, outfitter, and general member email lists to give everyone the heads-up. So get dialed in and if you’re not already on those lists, contact GCRG at and ask to be added. It takes ALL of our voices to make a difference.

  • Funding ideas: If you know of any funding source (an individual, a foundation, or a corporate sponsor) that might be interested in supporting Grand Canyon River Guides, please let us know!

  • Legacy: Assist in the protection of Grand Canyon and the Colorado River experience in perpetuity by including GCRG in your will or trust. It’s a wonderfully touching way to keep on giving to the place that has given you so much.

This is YOUR organization. Grand Canyon River Guides wouldn’t be here without the support and vitality of members like you. We thank each and every one of you for all you do for the Canyon and the River, in ways large and small. It’s a deep and abiding love that we all share in our hearts. Please consider our suggestions above, and help us as you are able. Thanks so very much!