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Adopt a Boatman Program


Charity for river guides? Well sorry, no, but the title got your attention, didn’t it? Currently, our Adopt-a-Boatman program is the public funding mechanism for the Colorado River Runners Oral History Project and a wonderful way to involve our members in the continued success of our project.  We are proud to say that we published our very first Adopt-a-Boatman interview in Volume 21 #3 (Fall 2008) of the Boatman’s Quarterly Review.


Nuts and Bolts:

We estimate that the average expenses associated with producing an oral history to be approximately $750 (travel, interviewer, equipment, transcription, editing for publication).  The curation, long-term storage, digitization, and online presence are gratis due to cooperation with NAU Cline Library Special Collections and Archives, http://www.nau.edu/library/speccoll/index.html).  Thanks, NAU!!


Current Status:

The original concept was to have our members “adopt” a person of their choice by making an initial donation towards that $750 goal and other sponsors could jump in as they saw fit.  Although we are not accepting new adoptions at this time, don’t despair!  The program has now morphed into a “we pick ‘em and you fund ‘em” deal, which is more manageable on our end.  The drop down list will show you adoptions that are currently open.  But before contributing, please refer to the Adopt-a-Boatman list which will show you the balance remaining.  You can donate any amount you choose, up to that amount.


So jump on in and help move our program along by donating to an Adopt-a-Boatman interview today!


Adopt a Boatman Donation Form.


There are no pending "adoptions" at this time. Please refer to the Adopt-a-Boatman spreadsheet